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Socialism:  Living with Mom and Dad

or, How to explain Socialism to Millennials

Socialism sounds like a great idea — Free stuff, right and left.  Just think how cushy life would be if someone else paid for everything:  food, shelter, clothing, medical.

The problem is
these perks ALWAYS come with strings.

It’s just like living with Mom and Dad.  No rent, no job, no responsibility — no problems, right?

But living with your folks definitely has its drawbacks.  Sure, they pay for everything you need — but they get to decide what you need and they don’t really care about all the stuff you want.

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Religious Liberty after the Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision

The Supreme Court of the United States released its decision on the topic of gay marriage on Friday (article).

The majority view (p. 6-39) supported gay marriage as a constitutional right, thereby nullifying any state laws addressing the issue.

The minority views (p. 40-103) included the opinion that this was fundamentally and constitutionally a states’ rights issue and the prediction that this decision would inevitably be used to restrict religious liberty.

For context, it should be noted that gay marriage was a total non-starter just a generation ago. Opinions on the topic have been evolving over the years, to the point that many states have legalized civil unions between members of the same sex and some states have taken up legislation regarding gay marriage or had referendums on the topic.

I suspect that gay marriage may have obtained majority support in the U.S. within the next decade or so.

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