Bookmarking: Why I save URLs

My thoughts about the whole bookmarking concept, adapted from a Firefox add-on comment.

I noticed a lot of overlapping in the Bookmarks / Notes / Reading categories.  I’ve been thinking about how I use the web and what I hope to accomplish.

Here’s what I came up with …

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Scientific Language in the Media

Another thing (previous post) that bugs me is when so-called scientists fail to use error-bar language when they talk to the media.  They speak with such certainty that the public automatically accepts their conclusions without considering the limits of the research.

Over-certainty may lead the public to believe that the science is settled, that the scientific community is in agreement (consensus) on the topic.  Often this is NOT the situation. Continue reading

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Correlation vs. Causation (Confounding Variables)

Something that really bugs me is how the news will announce the findings from some research study but fail to draw the proper conclusions.

EXAMPLE:  I once read an article about research that found a correlation between children who have nightlights and children who wore glasses.  The article immediately jumped to the conclusion that having a nightlight causes vision problems in children — but that causation was not found in the research! Continue reading

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Is Science Causing us to ‘Lose our Religion’?

Many contend that the modern loss of interest in religion is a result of scientific advances dispelling the mysterious.

I disagree.


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