Do Pets Go to Heaven?

I’d gone to bed about 3:20 am with my sweet butterball kitten Pepper and was cuddling with her, telling her how much I loved her.

Pudgy Pepper

I’ve often wondered if we’ll meet our pets in heaven.

I mean, the first Eden had animals, so why shouldn’t the restored Eden?

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An “Open Mind” Eternity?

  • If the doctrine of the Trinity is true …
  • so that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit existed for eternity …
  • as individual persons in complete communion with one another …
  • and if we’re made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-27) …

What does this suggest about our design as persons?

Were we created to be in constant, intimate relationship with one another?

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My Personality Profiles

Sunny Snaith, INTP, Engineer, Intellectual, Logical, Visual

INTP — The Philosopher, Gandalf


Tests & Results Below:

  • StrengthsFinder:  Strategic, Ideation, Learner, Input, Intellection
  • Jung / Meyers-Briggs / Keirsey:  NT Rational, INTP Architect
  • Jung’s Cognitive Functions:  Ti, Fi, Te, Ne
  • Multiple Intelligences:  Logical, Spatial, Naturalist, Verbal
  • R-Drive:  Intellectual Reward Drive
  • MOTIV:
  • SLOAN / Big 5 / Global 5:  sCxx|I|
  • Advanced Global:  (see below)
  • Oldham Types:  Leisurely, Sensitive
  • Enneagram:  5, 9, so/sx/sp
  • Kingdomality:  The Discoverer
  • Personality Defect:  Robot (Rational, Introverted, Gentle, Humble)

Some Cool Personality Tests and Sites

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Bookmarking: Why I save URLs

My thoughts about the whole bookmarking concept, adapted from a Firefox add-on comment.

I noticed a lot of overlapping in the Bookmarks / Notes / Reading categories.  I’ve been thinking about how I use the web and what I hope to accomplish.

Here’s what I came up with …

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Socialism:  Living with Mom and Dad

or, How to explain Socialism to Millennials

Socialism sounds like a great idea — Free stuff, right and left.  Just think how cushy life would be if someone else paid for everything:  food, shelter, clothing, medical.

The problem is
these perks ALWAYS come with strings.

It’s just like living with Mom and Dad.  No rent, no job, no responsibility — no problems, right?

But living with your folks definitely has its drawbacks.  Sure, they pay for everything you need — but they get to decide what you need and they don’t really care about all the stuff you want.

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Wherefore Sunny?

Why am I named Sunny?  Do I like my name?

Here’s a comment I made on about my name, Sunny:

As a 45-year-old woman with the name Sunny on my birth certificate …

Sunny is an excellent name for a girl.  For one thing, it’s easy to pronounce (unlike my surname). It ought to be easy to spell — I always say, “Sunny, like the weather” — but folks always want to put an ‘i’ on the end or spell it like the boy’s name ‘Sonny’ (Do I LOOK like a boy? Not!).

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Not Perfect, Just Forgiven — and Open to God’s Correction

I’m going though an online Evangelism Boot Camp from The Pocket Testament League*.

In the first lesson they suggest you describe what your life was like before you found Christ and how it has changed since.  This was a little difficult for me because I don’t have a specific conversion event:  I was raised Christian and have grown in my faith over time.

As believers, we do undergo a transformation at the point of our salvation but we are also under the constant revision of ‘sanctification’ throughout our Christian walk.  Stories about the conviction of the Holy Spirit (a holy attitude adjustment) can not only show a before/after but also show what it means to be a Christian — that being saved doesn’t mean you’re perfect, just forgiven and open to God’s correction.

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Religious Liberty after the Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision

The Supreme Court of the United States released its decision on the topic of gay marriage on Friday (article).

The majority view (p. 6-39) supported gay marriage as a constitutional right, thereby nullifying any state laws addressing the issue.

The minority views (p. 40-103) included the opinion that this was fundamentally and constitutionally a states’ rights issue and the prediction that this decision would inevitably be used to restrict religious liberty.

For context, it should be noted that gay marriage was a total non-starter just a generation ago. Opinions on the topic have been evolving over the years, to the point that many states have legalized civil unions between members of the same sex and some states have taken up legislation regarding gay marriage or had referendums on the topic.

I suspect that gay marriage may have obtained majority support in the U.S. within the next decade or so.

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Creative Procrastination

I somehow ended up reading the article How to Procrastinate and Still Get Things Done by John Perry and found myself nodding the entire time.

In the article, John Perry, a former professor of philosophy at Stanford University, describes his ‘structured procrastination’ method of utilizing his procrastinating nature to get stuff done.

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Sunny, Bible Christian*

How did I become a Bible Christian*?

What factors in my life guided me?

Well, to begin with, I was blessed with a strong Christian mother … Continue reading

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Scientific Language in the Media

Another thing (previous post) that bugs me is when so-called scientists fail to use error-bar language when they talk to the media.  They speak with such certainty that the public automatically accepts their conclusions without considering the limits of the research.

Over-certainty may lead the public to believe that the science is settled, that the scientific community is in agreement (consensus) on the topic.  Often this is NOT the situation. Continue reading

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Correlation vs. Causation (Confounding Variables)

Something that really bugs me is how the news will announce the findings from some research study but fail to draw the proper conclusions.

EXAMPLE:  I once read an article about research that found a correlation between children who have nightlights and children who wore glasses.  The article immediately jumped to the conclusion that having a nightlight causes vision problems in children — but that causation was not found in the research! Continue reading

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Accidental or Exquisitely Crafted?

You are NOT an accident of nature,
a purposeless animal
on an insignificant planet
orbiting a backwater star
in an utterly average galaxy.


You were anticipated, planned for,
and crafted for incredible divine purposes.

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Is Science Causing us to ‘Lose our Religion’?

Many contend that the modern loss of interest in religion is a result of scientific advances dispelling the mysterious.

I disagree.


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The Rules of Polite Discourse

The Rules of Polite Discourse

How to Fight Fair and Remain Friends

Address issues promptly. ~ If you let feelings fester, that is just what will happen: They will rot you from the inside out.

Express your feelings and thoughts. ~ How can you expect the other person to understand if you don’t express yourself completely?

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