Do Pets Go to Heaven?

I’d gone to bed about 3:20 am with my sweet butterball kitten Pepper and was cuddling with her, telling her how much I loved her.

Pudgy Pepper

I’ve often wondered if we’ll meet our pets in heaven.

I mean, the first Eden had animals, so why shouldn’t the restored Eden?

If animals truly possess individual personhood (psyche in Greek), I don’t know why they wouldn’t end up in heaven as some of God’s beloved creations.

On the other hand, if they’re just furry puppets, animated by God, I think we’ll still have a joyous reunion in heaven — only this time with the person behind their furry personalities.

This got me thinking about meeting the God who gave me all my precious fur babies and what it would be like to meet a single person who embodied all of them.

Now meeting God is an unimaginable thing … but meeting the mind of all my beloved pets?  That brings it down to merely indescribable.  My heart would just explode with love.

Even if animals do have personhood, God is the one who gave them their personalities and gave me the experiences … so I’d still gush / melt / explode with love.

And this got me thinking about meeting other people in heaven, of connecting with them (their minds) in a similarly intimate way.

I apologized to Pepper as I turned on the light to capture all the thoughts of nearly 40 minutes lying in bed.  So I wrote down the material for that post and typed it up.

How silly that I had to imagine meeting my pets in heaven to make meeting God seem more real!  I’m crying just anticipating it.

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