Bookmarking: Why I save URLs

My thoughts about the whole bookmarking concept, adapted from a Firefox add-on comment.

I noticed a lot of overlapping in the Bookmarks / Notes / Reading categories.  I’ve been thinking about how I use the web and what I hope to accomplish.

Here’s what I came up with …



  • To use frequently (toolbar buttons, permanent tabs, bookmarks)
  • To ease finding later (bookmarks, tags)


  • To postpone reading / exploring
  • To mark my place to continue later
  • To highlight for reference later
  • To annotate with my thoughts
  • To cache in prevention of a 404 File Not Found


  • To email to someone (URL with Quote, Comment, and/or Screen Shot)
  • To share in a forum or social network ( “” )
  • To discuss on my blog / website ( “” )
  • To monitor my post/comment for replies


  • To evaluate choices (e.g. purchases or Add-Ons)
  • To mark for purchase or download

I don’t know that all these things can be folded together into one UBER-ADD-ON, or even if they should.  I guess what I hope is that developers like you can figure out how to have all these functionalities cooperate and integrate into one browser — That would be lovely!

Well, that’s all I wanted to say … Feel free to use this post in whatever way will bring my hopes to fruition (or ignore it as the late-night ramblings of a frustrated user).

Either way, thanks for listening!

~ Sunny

[Comment originally posted November 28, 2009.]

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