Socialism:  Living with Mom and Dad

or, How to explain Socialism to Millennials

Socialism sounds like a great idea — Free stuff, right and left.  Just think how cushy life would be if someone else paid for everything:  food, shelter, clothing, medical.

The problem is
these perks ALWAYS come with strings.

It’s just like living with Mom and Dad.  No rent, no job, no responsibility — no problems, right?

But living with your folks definitely has its drawbacks.  Sure, they pay for everything you need — but they get to decide what you need and they don’t really care about all the stuff you want.

FOOD:  Your parents decide what food to buy — their favorites, not yours.  ~ Byebye, grande extra-shot caramel macchiato.

SHELTER:  As they never fail to remind you, it’s their house so they restrict who can come over, what you can do in your room, how loud you can play your music, and what your curfew is.  ~ Rent starting to sound more attractive?

CLOTHING:  They get to pick out your clothes.  ~ Forget fashion, you get to dress like Mom and Dad!

MEDICAL:  Since they are footing the bill for your health, your parents demand you immediately quit smoking and drinking, become celibate, give up meat and sugar entirely, and only sleep between 11 PM and 7 AM — even on the weekends.  ~ Yay, health!

Oh, and don’t forget that when you do finally move out and have your own house, you get to become the parents, supporting the next generation of entitled, disrespectful layabouts.  ~ Fun!

The moral of the story:

This maxim is true of companies, parents, and governments.

A Socialist government that provides for your every need will also control everything it provides.

If by some miracle you actually like all their choices, you will still suffer:  Instead of growing up to become independent, responsible, and self-sufficient, you’ll end up dependent, irresponsible, and helpless — addicted to government handouts.

And if you somehow manage to become a productive member of society, you’ll still be enslaved to the government — footing the bill for the next generation.

Freedom requires responsibility and responsibility requires work.  If you don’t provide for yourself, you don’t get to choose.

So, if you like your freedom and your ability to choose,
Socialism is your enemy.

This post was inspired by a question on the The Kelly File:
How can we explain Socialism to Millennials?
(Fox News Channel, February 24, 2016)

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