Wherefore Sunny?

Why am I named Sunny?  Do I like my name?

Here’s a comment I made on BehindTheName.com about my name, Sunny:

As a 45-year-old woman with the name Sunny on my birth certificate …

Sunny is an excellent name for a girl.  For one thing, it’s easy to pronounce (unlike my surname). It ought to be easy to spell — I always say, “Sunny, like the weather” — but folks always want to put an ‘i’ on the end or spell it like the boy’s name ‘Sonny’ (Do I LOOK like a boy? Not!).

FYI:  Sometimes people pick at me about the weather … I tell them that the sun is always shining — If you don’t like the weather, go complain to Windy!

With a name like Sunny I didn’t really need a nickname but I am sometimes called Sunshine — sort of a reverse nickname, being longer than the original.

The upbeat name Sunny was a bit of a burden for moody teenage me:  My step-dad called me ‘Partly Cloudy’ for a couple of years.

The only downside to being named Sunny was that junk mail sometimes got my demographics mixed up with a 65-yr-old Sonny-boy-type guy (but that was back in the early 80’s; they’re better about tracking that stuff now).

Mom says she named me Sunny because:

  • I was born on a sunny day in May.
  • She liked the song “When Sunny Gets Blue” by Johnny Mathis.
  • She was absolutely determined I would NOT share my name with six other girls in my class (as she had with the name Judy in the 50’s).

It’s a pretty unique name:  I’ve only ever met one other birth-certificate-Sunny.  As a matter of fact, if you Google my first and last names in quotes, all you get are pages about me and about the weather in my ancestors’ hometown.

I may not be Cher or Madonna (or Beyoncé) but folks don’t have to specify a last name to talk about me.  Plus, most folks remember my name (if only I could remember theirs’!).

BOTTOM LINE:  Sunny has been a great name, I highly recommend it.

 Here’s a blog with several renditions of “When Sunny Gets Blue” by various artists.

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