Not Perfect, Just Forgiven — and Open to God’s Correction

I’m going though an online Evangelism Boot Camp from The Pocket Testament League*.

In the first lesson they suggest you describe what your life was like before you found Christ and how it has changed since.  This was a little difficult for me because I don’t have a specific conversion event:  I was raised Christian and have grown in my faith over time.

As believers, we do undergo a transformation at the point of our salvation but we are also under the constant revision of ‘sanctification’ throughout our Christian walk.  Stories about the conviction of the Holy Spirit (a holy attitude adjustment) can not only show a before/after but also show what it means to be a Christian — that being saved doesn’t mean you’re perfect, just forgiven and open to God’s correction.

One example was when the Spirit convicted me about my aggressive driving:

On my daily Atlanta commute, there was a lane that went away.  I refused to allow folks with a local tag to get over because I felt they didn’t deserve it because they should have known better.  It sounds so stupid to type it now but it seemed to make a lot of sense at the time.

One day God opened my eyes that I don’t deserve His forgiveness because I knew better before I sinned.  Suddenly ‘mercy’ became the burden on my heart and changed every aspect of the way I drive — even now, almost 20 years later.

Such a drastic change in attitude and behavior really points to God working in my life.  Even if a secular person made a similar decision to change, I don’t think it could have happened so suddenly and so completely and so permanently.

And this is just one of my personal stories.

* The Pocket Testament League

The Pocket Testament League is a Christian outreach ministry that promotes Scripture reading and personal evangelism.

It all started back in 1893, when a young girl named Helen Cadbury sewed a pocket onto her dress to carry part of the Bible.  Each day, she would write out some scripture and pray for one person to share it with. She enlisted her friends in a group they called The Pocket Testament League. Together they pledged to read from the Bible each day, carry it with them, pray, and share the gospel as the opportunity arose.

In the 122 years since that humble founding, The Pocket Testament League has distributed more than 110 million pocket-sized gospels in every part of the world.  Billy Graham even commented, “I am completely sold on the work of The Pocket Testament League, and continue to pray for those associated with it.”

Membership is free and you can order little gospels to hand out, available in many languages, translations, and with a variety of cover art.

The Pocket Testament League Pledge (my emphasis):Join now!

I accept membership in the Pocket Testament League by making it a goal of my life to read a portion of the Bible each day, and to carry the Word of God with me wherever I go, so that I will be ready to share it, as God creates opportunities.

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